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Stories, Legends, and Myths


Cherokee Story A Coyote's Tales Doing A Trick With Eyeballs Dreamcatcher Origin Story-Ojibway The Bound Children How Raven Lost His Venison Hunting The Great Bear A Bashful Courtship A Battle Between Two Worlds A Bet Between The Cooyoko and The Fox A Bird In Search Of A Mate The Dance Of The Seven Sisters
Going To Water Dreams-Blackfoot- Dug From Ground Eagle Boy-Zuni- How Rabbit Fooled Alligator The Remaining Cherokee Little Boy Who Brought Good Luck A Girl Lost A Man's Revenge A New Legend For The People A Raccoon Story Bat And Coyote
Earth Goddess-Aztec- Emergence From Nanih Waiya Empounded Water Eagle Tales The Black Drink We Will Never Forget K[)U]T-O'-YIS A Friendly Hello Arrow Boy Triumps Over His Mockers Bear Woman And Deer Woman Sits By The Door Chief Roman Nose Looses His Medicine
Earth Making Emerging Into The Upper World Eagle War Feathers Hatcinondon's Escape From The Cherokee This is How It Was How Coyote Tried To Steal Children Of The Sacred Dance A Pipe From The Seven Stars A Story Of The Peace Pipe Coyote And The Introduction Of Salmon Buffalo Skies Coyote Rabbit And Fox
Escape Of The Seneca Boys Fairies Falling Star Father Of Indian Corn The Story Of The Caribs How An Orabi Chief Punished His People A Cherokee Prophecy A Mikmaq Legend The Comrades Black Corn A Man And His Three Dogs A Lore Of The Chickasaw People
Feathered Serpent Feet Or No Feet At All Fire Race First Man and First Woman StoryOfCatandMouseWedding How Buffalo Taught the Bull a Lesson A Race Between Bear And Turtle A Hopi Raid On A Navajo Dance A Dead man Speaks Through Fire A Rattlesnake Kills The Chief's Daughter A Man Pursued By His Uncle And His Wife A Lover's Quarrel
Fish Dog Skins Flint Visits The Rabbit Forest Dwellers Forsaken Brother How Ahaiyuta and Matsailema Stole the Lightening Stone and Shaft Gluskabe and Dzee Dzeez A Legend Recorded By Bartram A Raid On The Hopi Villages A Snake Song Origin Myth A Story From The Otoe story About A Pumpkin and a Maiden A Story About Respect
Forty Dead Men Four Hunters Fox And Deer Enlightenment How Rabbit Fooled Wolf Glooscap and the Baby A Giant Visits His Daughter A Great Flood A Profecy A Visit To The Mountain Spirit A Wife For Knowledge
Boarding Shools Fox And Kingfisher Gau-wi-di-ne and Go-hay Ghost Stallion How Raven Helped the Ancient People How Half Dome Was Formed A Tale Of Elder Brother a Witch Story Wisdom Bear's Tipi Antelope Hunting Chinook Wind
Fox and Porcupine Fox and Rabbit Fox and Wildcat Geronimo's Song How Dogs Came to sniff Under Tails How Saynday Got The Sun
Ghost Of White Deer Gift To The Hummingbird Girl Who Married Rattlesnake Girl Who Was The Ring Hole-In-The-Day How Gluskabe Stole Tobacco
God In Wolves Clothing Giving Friendship Earth Poems Wolf Dreamer How Rabbit and Owl Were Created
God's Kettle Grandfather Gray Owl The Creator Visits Coyote As A Hunter Great Serpent and the Great Flood How The Coyotes Had a Katchina Dance
Crane Story Creation Creation Of The World Creation Story-Huron- We are All Related How Coyote Brought Fire To The People
The Origin Of Death The Frog And The Antelope Gluscabi and The Flying Bird Heron Tales How Piegan Found First Horses How Nall-Head Wedded An Oraibe Maiden
Holy Trees How Beaver Had His Tail Flattened How Kingfisher For His Bill Coyote and Eagle Seal The Sun and Moon How Bear Lost His Tail How Gluscap Changes Maple Syrup
Cricket and Cougar Crossing The Red Sea Crow Brings Daylight Cry Because He Had No Wife How Deer Got His Horns How Rabbit Got His Cotton Tail
Cyclone Woman Dance In A Buffalo Skull Daughter Of The Sun Grandfather Thunder How Eagle First Came to the People The Nail In The Fence
Honeyed Words Cannot Make Evil Sweet Heavy Collar And Ghost Woman How Coyote Got His Cunning How Bear Came To Be A Great Healer Glooscap and his People How Catfish Got His Flat Head
How Dogs Came To The Indians How Ducks Got Their Color The Ballad Of Kokopelli Grandmother's Creation Story How Poison Came To The World Deer Hunter And White Corn Maiden
Gray Archway How Beaver Stole Fire Gray Wolf's Daughter Grey Coat How The Corn-Pests Were Ensnared Death Of The Great Elk
How Grandfather Peyote Came to The People Hiadeoni, The Seneca How Algon Got His Wife How Fox Saved The People Glooscap Grants Three Wishes Crow Brings Daylight
Little Big Horn(Indian version) Grandfather Stories How Raven Brought Fire Little People Herbert's Spring How Bluebird And Coyote Got Their Colors
Warriors Salish Creation Story Chief Joseph Speaks Legend and Folklore of the Northern Lights How The Bat Came to Be How Skunk Got His White Stripe
The Pocahontas Myth How Coyote Stole Fire How The Crow Became to be Black How Devil's Tower Came To Be How El Capitan Grew Legend of Multnomah Falls
The Legend Two Headed Serpent How Fire Came To the Six Nations How the Buffalo Came How Buzzard Got His Clothing Old Man and The Squirrels
How Chipmunk got his stripes Glooscap The Raven The Place of Peace How Coyote Started a Ditch for the Salmon The Jumping Mouse
Sitting Bull-The True Story How Mosquito Came To Be How Anikunapeu Took a Wife Glooscap Fights Water Monster How He Got Tongue Bat Tales 1
Glooscap and Winp How The Coyote Danced With The Blackbirds How The Hopi Indians Reached Their World How The Native Bear Lost His Tail How The Conifers Show The Promise Of Spring How The Lakota Came To Be
How The Man Got Into The Moon How The Red Bird Got His Color How The Wolf Ritual Began How The Milky Way Came To Be How The Old Man Made People How Gluskap Created Sugarloaf Mountain
How The Coyote Was Deceived By The Wren How People Learned To Fish How The Otter Skin Became Great "Medicine" How The Mockingbird Became The Best Singer How The Beetles Produced Pain How The Man Found A Mate
How The People Hunted The Moose How The Rattlesnake Came To Be How The World Began Rabbit Stole Otter's Coat How The People Got Arrowheads How Po'onkong Killed The Bear
Animal Teachings(Eagle) The Warrior Maiden How To Scare A Bear Lakota How Partridge Got His Whistle Gluscabi & The Wind Eagle
How The Raccoon Got His Mask How The Owl Got His Curved Beak How The Rainbow Got It's Color How The Stars Were Put In The Sky Naughty Fish And The Tail Of The Beaver Salt Woman Story
How Coyote Brought Fire To The People Animal Teachings (Coyote) The Spirit Bear And The Special One Daughter Of The Sun How The Buffalo Hunt Began Deer Lake
Coyote & The Wasichu Trader In The Beginning How Tolba Got His Name Hummingbird Brings Back Tobacco How Turtle Got His Tail How Tol-le-loo Stole Fire
Hunting In Heaven Languages Confused On A Mountain Men Visit The Sky Oneida How Rabbit Lost His RTail Legends
Origin Of Animals Order Of Life And Death How Turtle Flew South For The Winter Legend Of The Crazy Dog Society Origin Of The Medicine Man Song Of The Horses
A Bashful Courtship Lone Warrior Stone Boy Chipmunk and Bear Hodadenon The Boy Who Lived With Bears
How The Flowers Got Scent Tokeea And The Birds Why The Bat Has Wings The Quillwork Girl Why Ants Dig Turtle's Race With The Bear
The Wisdom Of The Willow Why The Rabbit Hops A Little Brave And The Medicine Woman Legemd Of Standing Rock The Signs Of Corn The Faithful Lovers
Story Of Two Young Friends Story Of The Lost Wife The Little Mice Story Of The Rabbits The Man And The Oak White Plume
Battle With The Snakes Four Iroquois Hunters How Buzzard Got His Feathers The Gifts Of The Little People The Two Daughters Why The Owl Has Big Eyes
The Forgotten Ear Of Corn The Boy And The Turtles The Rabbit And The Elk Story Of The Peace Pipe The Raccoon And The Crawfish The Gift Of Corn
The Simpleton's Wisdom The Wonderful Turtle The Artichoke And The Muskrat The Mysterious Butte The Resustitation Of The Only Daughter The Wren And The Water Ousel
Creation Of The World (Ojibway) How The World Got Color The Peace Dove The Origin Of The Medicine Mask The Frog And The Antelope Why The Turtle Has A Shell
One Legend Of The Flute Battle With The Snakes A Cradleboard In Times Of Dreams Coyote And The Rolling Rock Hemp-Carrier
Creation Determination Of The seasons How Butterfly Got It's Color Chorzhvuk And The Eagles Coyote, The Hawk And The Condor Why Deer Have Short Tails
Why The Frog Croaks The Robin And The Seneca Sachem The Falcon And The Hawk Snow Snakes Why Ducks Have red Rings Around Their Eyes Kingfisher Saves The Summer Birds
Why Porcupine Has Quills Why The Crow Is Black How Rabbit Lost His Tail Order Of Life And Death Old Man At The Beginning The Wasna
The Rabbit & Bear With The Flint Body The Rabbit And The Grouse Girls The Unktomi Myths & Legends Why Falcons Have Stripes Why Raven Is Black
Why Nighthawk Wings Are Beautiful How Bear Lost His Tail Dogs Who Saved Their Masters Legend Of The Hermit Thrush Anakakumikaityn The Nomad Wolf Algon And The Sky Girl
How The Antelope Maiden Was Reconciled Iktomi And The Coyote Why Hawks Have Wings How Antelope Carrier Saved The Thunderbirds How Turtle's Back Was Cracked In The Beginning
How The Bar Came To Be The Serpent Of The Sea Mafpoes The Tree-Bound Little People Lore Little Friend Coyote
Hummingbird Lore The Woman Who Became A Horse When Spring Defeats Winter Origin Of Fire Origin Of The Buffalo Porcupine Hunts Buffalo
The Magic Arrows The Story Of False Face The Trap The Youth Who Joined The Deer Legend Of The Storm Bird The Woman Who Became A Horse Version 2
A Story From Norton Sound, Alaska The Story Of Wisdom The Hungry Fox and The Boastful Suitor The Hunting Of The Great Bear The Origin Of The Iroquois Nation The Workers Of Evil
The Old Man the First Night Of Sun Dance The Dance Of The Seven Sisters A Contest For Wives A Teton Ghost Story Determination Of The Seasons