How Dogs Came to Sniff Under Tails

- Lakota -

A long time ago, the dogs were trying to elect themselves a chief. They got together in a big council and talked around and around, everyone nominating someone else.

One of the dogs spoke up, saying, "I nominate the bulldog for chief! He's strong; he can fight well!"

"But he can't run," said another, "What good is a fighter who can hardly move? He wouldn't be able to catch anyone."

Another dog got up and said, "I nominate the greyhound because he sure can run fast!"

But the other dogs spoke up, saying, "He can run, but he can't fight. When he catches up with someone, he'll just get bitten badly. So all he can really do well is run away - and that's not a good thing for a chief."

An ugly little dog stood and spoke quietly, saying, "I nominate for chief the dog who smells good beneath his tail."

And an even uglier dog stood and seconded that motion.

At once all the dogs started running around and sniffing beneath one anothers' tails. A lot of muttering and grumbling could be heard:

"Phew, he smells bad under his tail!"

"This one also."

"This one smells too bad to be a chief!"

"And this one would never be wanted by the people!"

"Oh no, he doesn't smell good either!"

And so it went on ... and so it goes on still.

When you go out for a walk, just watch the dogs. They're still sniffing under each other's tails, and they still haven't found any dog that smells good there, so they're still looking for a good leader.

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