Wolf Dreamer

Once upon a time ago, there was a young lad of full Irish descent, who always displayed a certain wild propensity for cutting classes, and instead, taking flight into the "real" classroom others would know as the Wasatch Mountains of South West Utah. Here in this place, he would unwittingly stumble upon a thing that would have much effect on his life.......but the true extent of this would not be evident till many more years had passed.

This journey began one bright and sunny morning, upon a trail of sorts - the kind the deer make between water and bed. Earlier that particular morning, it had stormed, and though it had long since cleared, the ground was quite saturated, still.

Knowing just how his Grandmother despised mud on her floors, the lad walked ever so gingerly in an effort to not gather too much of the offensive matter upon his sneakers. Whether he realised this or not, his action resulted in his walking in quite the stealthy manner, thus, it can be of little wonder that the Wolf, when he came upon it suddenly, was not particularly afraid, having not been startled by any noisome approach.

No, indeed ..... 'twas the lad who was surprised, and not a little apprehensive! After all .... it was not just any day that he met wolves on that mountain, and everyone knew that wolves had long been gone from these mountains, their fates much the same of their kind elsewhere ......poison, trap, or bullet, man had seen to this long before this lad was born.

Perhaps, and likely, even before his Dad was born! So it came to him that there was a thing happening here which was just a wee bit strange .....too strange when all at once he realised that this Wolf actually seemed to have been waiting for him. Like it knew he would arrive to that place on the slope. For several moments, the Wolf simply stood and held the lad's gaze, and then he was gone. Not gone in the traditional sense of gone ........ not like it turned and ran off .......no .......more like in the faded away kind of gone!

Now the lad was really afraid! Running into a big ole Wolf where wolves should never be, was bad enough! But to watch it disolve itself into the thin mountain air was a whole other thing entirely! What that thing was or meant, the lad had no idea, and after a small amount of time, he shrugged it off, put on his best hunter's face, and continued his trek, further. Being afraid like a sissy and running home was not an option; besides, he ditched school again this day, and knew what was in store for him when he did go home. Had he any inkling of what would come of this encounter many years later, he might have opted otherwise.

So onward went this young man of eleven summers, to seek adventure and destiny ...... or as much as could be crammed into one whole day! Aw! Always the way when we're young! All the time in the whole world and never a thought beyond today! And then it changes. Gradual at first, and then at a pace most of us can live with and grow into as we go along the trails of life. But for this particular young lad, it was different. For him, when it came, it was terrifyingly fast!

And the Wolf came to him and sat, silently regarding the young man, yet the lad could hear this animal speaking clear as the day, in a tongue this one had never heard. "eistigi liom!" - "Listen to me!". And then the Wolf showed him many things that may come; told him "We have much to talk about, you and I!"

The young man made his way carefully down from the heights, not fully sure that he was even walking in the right direction; the early morning air, although not truely chilly, still it set his body a'shiver. But this had a lot more to do with the experience than with ambient conditions upon that mountain, for he had begun a new journey four days prior, that had very little to do with walking.

He knew he should have felt exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and weak .......something, anyway, but was not very surprised when he realised he felt none of these things. And he had been prepared for the ordeal he had just completed. They had told him that something would happen, or it would not ....... but it most certainly did happen ...... just not in the way anyone expected.

The elders, whom the boy knew as uncles and grandfathers, gave him a new name this day. In the years to come, he would be called by many - "Wolf", but not because he might have let slip his "name".......no......he was always careful about these things. "Just seems like a good nick-name for ya", most would say when asked. Because he reminded them of a wolf, they said. But among the People of the Colorado Plateu, he was also known as Wolf, and it had everything to do with them knowing who he was.

Now, not all of the People desired his presence among them, for he was a Whiteman, and they questioned the validity of his ways and sayings, as not his own. The young man, for he was a man now, smiled and maintained his demeanor with much patience, for he knew, as did the wise among the People, what his true path was, and the manner of it's use ...... the Wolf had told him so......

In a Sacred Manner He Would Walk. But.......Saying and doing are often at odds, which can only serve to ever remind us of our weaknesses and failings, and how we must work and strive to make ourselves worthy of others. And this is the lesson he would learn. As with all things truly valuable in life, this lesson would be hard earned, the final price of this wisdom more than he could bear, it would seem. When finally forced to confront one's own truth and soul, having lost everything held dear, only two things are then possible and a choice must be made:

One can give up, succumb to defeat, forfeit the Spirit, and never again know the blessings of The Strong One Above ....... never again know one's self! The guiding Spirits are abandoned, all things that are good in life are separated from this person, the flame of their life grows dim, and in the end is Death. Or, one faces the things that are revealed to him, asks his Spirits to help him understand, and begins the long journey that will bring him back to himself, only now, he has learned to truly live ...... the price for this lesson brings much pain for a long while yet, but the strength of character and the will to go on is greater still, and this is the path of Life. And this is the choice he made.

Wolf tells him that the way to the making of a better earth, is first thru teaching all the people, unification. There can no longer be a barrier that sees only color! And the ways to correct this have always been here ...... held safe in the stories of our ancestors, only most of us have chosen to forget. This man knows that the best way for him is to bridge that chasm between Red and White, for it is always within the heart, and not the color of our face, that defines what People we truly are.

Therefore if the people of this earth were ever to survive, they must learn how to live together, at last! And this is the truth the young man set out to give to anyone who would learn. One Man, one Woman, one Child at a time, it was to be a long, slow, sojourn into places as yet, unkown, and the true battle yet remains, ahead.

Wolf tells him ... "Hello, Brother ....... I have a thing I must teach you." Wolf tells this young man of the origin of the Pipe, and what it's use was meant for, how it seemed that this has been forgotten by most, and as foretold by Pte Woman, this would be the destruction of The People as a nation. The man was confused, for this was a story of the Lakhota ....... what did this have to do with him? "Awww!" said Wolf, and he then explained it's signifcance for the future of all Human Beings.

So it was that the man learned of the four sacred colors .....Red, Black, Brown, and White. These were the colors of the Buffalo ....... okay, but.........these were also the colors of all peoples, everywhere, and he then knew that Pte Woman had forseen a bad future for the earth, even beyond just the Lakhota, but for everyone.

The Sacred Stories had to be re-told - people just had to listen. The Circle....Sacred Hoop.... now had to provide meaning to all, if any good was to be done. How could one, lone, whiteman who was Irish, ever take on the infinite task of teaching so many others, of all walks of life? About things that were not even close to his own heritage? What gave him the right to presume so much? And Wolf, again spoke, saying that he should perhaps listen more and speak less! And then and there Wolf named this man a final time, this name to be sacred and held as such by all who know it, for this name was a path to reach all people, everywhere; the dream always comes to us all! And so it was that this man became a Wolf Dreamer.

Many seasons have passed, and the world has become a confusing, complex, and frightening place, with strife and enduring hardship everywhere one looks. Wolf no longer visits the man ..... at least not as he did in the beginning, but the man who is the Dreamer has learned what was taught and this was ever the reason forWolf to be with him.

But, at times when the path becomes unclear, and the man feels that he may have lost the way and he wonders if he has the strength to go on, at a turn of the trail, he finds tracks ....... the tracks of a Wolf, guiding him on until his way is once more clear. And he knows that Wolf is once again, with him!

Now he goes far into the wild places where his brothers stay, to listen to the message in their song. He smokes, and the message, along with the stories, his prayers, travel upon this smoke into the wind, into all directions, to find their way into the hearts of people who listen. They come thru the dream, into the Spirit of people, speaking of sacred things and better ways to live.

They tell of coming troubles, and lend strength and guidance against this end. They speak of the Circle, It's making, and It's promise, when all the people shall unite as one. It is a Warrior Society this man is seeking, for there is a battle yet to be fought, but this will be the one good fight, and all good warriors will be needed. However, the battle will first begin within our hearts, where we must make the choice of Life or Death, and walk the paths we choose. A path of ruin, where the Spirit can no longer exist, and brings an end to all things, or the path leading to re-growth, wisdom, and a People united for one purpose.....Life!

This is the word .... the Song of Life which this man brings. He wonders, even as he dreams, if there will be any who listen......? Even so, he knows in his heart that, yes, there will be some who will listen, and then there will be more, and so on......such has always been the way of the Teaching. He knows this because he is Wolf Dreamer.

He is the Wolf.


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