How The Skunk Got His White Stripe

One special day when all was quiet, in a wooded area with lots of trees, so many leaves on the ground and a shimmering river, The Great One sent down two people and seven animals. The Great One named the two people, Thunder Bird and White Lily. Thunder Bird was a 24 year old man who looked like he was very strong and a good athlete. He was wearing long pants and a short sleeve shirt made out of deer skin. White Lily was 20 years old, tall and pretty. She had on pants, a skirt over the pants and sleeveless shirt all made out of deer skin.

Two of the animals were skunks. The Great One named them Albie and Blackie. Albie was very picky and he was eight years old. Blackie was the same age. He was carefree. They were both all black. They both wanted to have more than one color. Well, one day Thunder Bird and White Lily noticed that every night it would get colder. So they went to go see what they could find in the forest to keep them warm. In the forest there were all kinds of flowers. White Lily's favorite flower was the Lily of the Valley. Every time she saw some she picked them out of the ground until both of her hands were full. Thunder Bird shot some deer with bow and arrow but they didn't catch a lot because you had to be very quiet so they used the deer hides to keep them warm at night.

Soon, they returned home. Before they knew it, it was nighttime. Thunder Bird and White Lily went to bed when the moon came up. At the very same time, Albie and Blackie were just waking up rather that going to sleep.

Albie and Blackie soon set off to find if they could get another color on their fur. But whenever Blackie said something would work Albie had an excuse why it would not work. After a while they came to a wigwam . They went inside. By mistake Albie knocked over the Lily of the Valley flowers that White Lily had collected. Albie had a great idea. The idea was to spread the dye from the flowers on their back so than they would have more than one color. They tried it on each other and it worked. It spread nicely on their black soft fur. The next day it was still on their backs. They were so happy that they used that plan. When more skunks came into the world they did the same thing but they used different flower dye on their backs. The moral of this myth is to keep trying and do not give up. Only then you will learn or know how to do what you are wishing for.


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