- Cherokee-

These small beings live in hollow trees and on rocky cliffs as do the Little People. When confronted with uncertainty, they remain still and take on the look and smell of their environment, becoming hard to see. When in flight they are luminous, sometimes appearing as balls of light of different colors, but most often transparent white.

If an encounter is made with a fairy one should be completely quiet and give full attention. Also, people should never accept food from the fairies, because they would never be able to eat human food again nor return to their family.

Nugatsa-ni is a ridge below Yellow Hill said to be a resort of the fairies. Two well known fairies are Tsa-wa-si and Tsa-ga-si. These two spirits are frequently named in the hunting prayers. All the woods and waters are peopled by hard to see fairy tribes, but these two small fairies, though mischievous enough themselves, often help hunter who acknowledges them. Tsawa-si or Tsawa-si Usdi-ga is a tiny fairy, very handsome, with long black hair to his feet, who lives in grassy patches on hillsides and has great power over game. To the hunter, he gives the skill to slip up on the deer through the long grass without being seen.

Tsaga-si is another very helpful spirit invoked by the hunter, but when someone trips and falls, it is usually known that it is he that has caused it. There are several other of these fairies with special names, all good-natured, but more or less tricky.

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