For generations, native people have always regarded the eagle as a power of vision, strength, and courage. It soars high above all others and keeps a keen eye on what the people are doing in a traditional way. The eagle then tells Creator what he sees so that Creator knows that his people are walking the true paths.


The eagle sees things in a different way than the rest of the creatures. It has clear sight and views everything with truth. It soars high above the world and is not limited by the world's horizons.

For us to be like this we'd need to be able to look beyond what we think we see and learn to understand the real meaning of things. For example, if the people around us want to do something wrong, we can see through it and know that it wouldn't be something we would want to do. We'd see beyond the moment and visualize the consequences thus avoiding anything that might hurt or dishonor us.


Knowing or clearly seeing something for what it is may not always be enough. Peer pressure might pull us in the wrong direction even if we know it's harmful to go that way. Like the eagle, we need to be able to soar above all the pressures of everyday life and climb close to the Creator and all his teachings. Staying close to those who've passed on Creator's teachings to us is a great way of doing this.


When we walk away from the wrong path, we may encounter ridicule from those we might consider friends. They might laugh at us or taunt us for being afraid of doing something even though they know it's wrong to do. Being courageous doesn't always mean taking unnecessary risks though. Rather having the courage to refuse to dishonor yourself or harm yourself shows the you have learned from the eagle.

Being brave and strong enough to remain true to the clear vision of what really is, like the eagle, we stand true to the teachings of Creator handed down to us by our relatives and this will make us a true human being.

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