How The Rainbow Got It's Color

A long time ago, when the Native Americans on this land and the animals lived in harmony, an elderly man by the name of Little Foot was part of the tribe called the Susquehanna. He was a greedy man who never helped to gather the corn or do tribal chores.

One cool crisp Autumn day, Little Foot decided to take a walk to retrieve some of his precious indigo beads. These beads were worth wampum. He could trade these beads for numerous amounts of wampum. When Little Foot walked out of his Wig-Wam he was confronted with small children playing games of Cat's Cradle. He walked right past them, not wanting to hear their cries of wanting to play with him. When Little Foot was a good three miles away from the >village, he entered the forest. Heel, toe, heel, toe, Little Foot walked, making sure he did not disturb the environment or animals around him.

The canopy of this forest was colored with bright reds, greens and oranges. The floor on which Little Foot walked was a carpet of dull yellow leaves. Suddenly Little Foot came upon a magnificent yellow leaf. It was a shade of yellow that he had ever seen before. Little Foot carefully placed it in his pouch thinking that it could be worth something.

Little Foot walked deeper into the forest till he came upon a clearing. This was Little Foot's special place. In the clearing a crystal blue stream ran through grass that was lightly dewed and had hints of yellow in it. The sun shone through here like a fire that was ten feet tall. Little Foot lay down gently on the grass, and then fell asleep.

He awoke to the sound of a twig breaking. Little Foot knew someone or something must be near. Little Foot reached for his knife as a red fox drew near. The fox walked right up to Little Foot and sniffed his face. Little Foot, sounding angry, said,"get away or I will kill you, Fox."

"Little Foot, please do not be alarmed. I must tell you something," Fox replied in a deep voice.

"Make it quick. What is it that you wish to tell me, Fox?" Little foot asked curiously.

"It is time... For you to leave this mother earth," Fox sadly said.

"NO! I must get all the wonderful things I have back in my Wig-Wam," Little Foot cried out angrily

"I am sorry but it is your time. I will allow you, though to gather your six most favorite things that are in this. Do it quickly, though," Fox replied.

After snickering at Fox many times and realizing that he was not joking, Little Foot gathered a portion of the crystal blue water in his gourd jug. Then he took an orange flower from the ground on which Fox and Little Foot stood. Little Foot remembered the hole that he had dug earlier and took out some of his precious indigo beads that were there. Little Foot also took a handful of the beautiful grass he stood on. Then Little Foot wrapped up all this stuff in a red fox skin blanket, and told Father Fox he was ready. Little Foot grabbed onto Fox's tail and they flew up to the heavens. On the way up Little Foot drooped his bundle. The items in it exploded. This is how we got the...... Colors of the rainbow!

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