How The Stars Were Put In The Sky

Once upon a time there was a girl named Karana. She had long flowing black hair and bright crystal blue eyes. She had a brother named Romiko. They were part of the Iroquois Tribe and they lived and played in a longhouse,except for Sundays when they were allowed to play outside for three hours straight. When they were outside playing they went to their special place to climb and swim. It had been two and a half hours and they had a half of an hour walk home. When they got home they had dinner and then they went outside again. They were gazing at the moon and the stars but they didn't learn about the moon yet.

They thought it was an odd shaped strawberry that was white.They decided to fly up and get it. So they did. When they flew up to get it they found out it was magnetic. They pushed and pulled but could not get it. They finally got it but it slipped out of their hands back into the sky. All these beautiful stars came popping out a few at a time. It was pretty to look at it. The lesson to be learned is don't do something that may not be the right thing to do beacuse you can get hurt or not get your own way.

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