Coyotes, like the wolf, are family animals. They watch over and guard their young, protecting them at all costs. They use their cunning to avoid predators and other troubles by finding homes in places that are easy to defend. The expanding human population has been a long time threat to the coyote's survival, and yet they continue to grow in numbers.

The coyote is known as a very clever animal. They can get out of tight spots like traps and other hazards better than most other creatures. They are great at finding interesting ways of getting food too.

In many native traditions, coyote is known as the trickster. He uses his cunning and cleverness to teach us valuable lessons. Sometimes these lessons are hard to swallow, but most times they improve our lives and set us on a better journey.

Traditionally, coyote helps us face our problems and find ways to adjust our lives. He is persistent, so sometimes it might feel like we're being picked on. Other times we may find that what he's showing us is something we don't want to see about ourselves. But in the end, if we listen to the lessons coyote is trying to teach us, we will know what to do to make things better and live a happier life!

So if you're faced with a troubling situation, don't run away from it. It just means that Coyote, the clever trickster is in your life and will teach you something very valuable if you pay attention and work through it with him!!

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