How Tolba (turtle got his name):


Well, plawinno (the slow one) was down near the river one day like he always was. But this day turtle saw several phahanamak wli (good looking young woman) near the water's edge without cloths as they were bathing. Plawinno thought, hola! These human woman are really attractive! Oh how I would like to "be" with them.

Just then crow was flying about and heard plawinno's desires. Crow said to plawinno, "hey slow one, I know how you can have your pleasure with those human woman". Eagerly, Plawinno responded; "How mkaza sibs (crow)". Crow answered "Well I will give you the power to detatch your weiner so that it will be able to swim across the sibo (river) and have your way with Phahanamak wli". "Wligen! (its good!)", responded plawinno.

At this point mkaza sibs detatched plawinno's weiner and it swam under water, and across the river, and the whole time plawinno could still feel everything! Plawinno thought that this was truly a wonderful skill! Plawinno was successful in pleasing himself with a couple of the confused phanamak wli. So after he was done, plawinno summoned his unit back to his body, and it was nearly half way back across the sibo when mkaza sibs swooped down and ate it right out of the water!!!

Plawinno could still feel everything, and he sqirmed with pain! Mkaza sibs kept his weiner in his stomach for a while then puked it back out at plawinno. In great pain plawinno then painfully struggled and sqirmed to fit his shriveled partially digested manhood back on in a real hurry! Finally plawinno succeeded in refitting it to his body.

After the pain subsided and poor plawinno rested he looked down to admire his member, when to his dismay he realized that it was all shrivled up and put on (Tolba) backwards!!!!! His weiner was backwards!

If you were to look at a turtle's male anatomy you would see that the penis does appear to be backwards. So the word Tolba refers to backwards. However, human people who belonged to Turtle lineage, (when clan systems were still really understood) were called Plawinnoak or the slow people. But Turtle was called Tolba.

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