How the Flower Got Its Scent

About 500 years ago in a small Iroquois village lived many unscented flowers. They were pretty, but they were no fun to smell because they didnt smell like anything. Then came a day that everybody remembers, the day Tina the Tulip said,"I'm bored." Being so bored, she got out of the rich golden-brown soil and headed north.

On the way she saw a wigwam. It was a pretty wigwam, so she decided to go in. When Sacajewa, the woman of the wigwam, saw Tina walking she screamed!

"Why are you so surprised, do I have a stench?" Tina asked.

"No, flowers don't smell!" Sacajewa scolded.

Then Sacajewa felt reminded herself that Tina was only a tulip, so she said," I'm sorry I got mad at you, but I tell you what, I'll take a walk with you."

Tina said,"OK."

So they started off for the woodlands. They were really nice to each other on the way. While walking, they merrily sang songs such as "KI HO WAH JI NEH YO HEY HO HEY KI HO WAH JI NEH KI HO WAH JI NEH."

Right when they were about to enter Sacajewa's wigwam, Tina spotted green beans. She ran as fast as her stem could carry her to the place where the beans were located.

Sacajewa, with a puzzled look, really knew that Tina was getting beans for herself.

When Tina came back with a pot of green beans, Sacajewa made a lonely look. Tina, not wanting to be selfish, gave the pot to Sacajewa.

Suddenly Sacajewa said, "You will be granted one wish."

Tina, not knowing what was happening, asked, "What?"

Then Sacajewa explained that she was a servant of the Great Spirit, and for not being selfish Tina would be granted one wish.

So Tina asked for something she always wanted, a beautiful fragrance, and that is what she got.

The moral of this story is that if you are not selfish you might get something you always wanted.


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