An Abenaki Story


Long ago, rabbits walked like deer. Rabbit would always brag to his friend, the frog, about how he could walk and the frog couldn't. Frog didn't mind because it was helpful to have long legs because it helped him swim. But Rabbit didn't care he just kept on bragging. Soon Rabbit just didn't brag to Frog, he bragged to four other friends that also hopped. The rabbit could brag all day but today he decided to go home.

When the rabbit got home he saw a grasshopper on the ground. The rabbit thought since that grasshopper has to hop around all day and I can walk, I think I will brag to him.

"Grasshopper" said Rabbit, "is it hard to hop around all day?"

"A little hard but I have gotten used to it," replied Grasshopper.

"Too bad you can't walk like me, it is soooo much easier to get places", said Rabbit.

"Rabbit," said Grasshopper, "I would be careful about what you say or it might get taken away from you." Then the Grasshopper slowly went away.

"Who would ever believe that silly grasshopper," said Rabbit. "I will never not be able to walk. How can someone as perfect as I ever get something taken away from them?"

The rabbit had a lot to learn. The Grasshopper was giving him a message that you might not always be able to walk.

Four days later the rabbit was out with the other animals bragging as usual. Again he started to go home. When he got home, he saw the grasshopper.

"Rabbit I have given you a chance" said Grasshopper, "now you have to pay a consequence. You will not be able to walk any more, you will have to hop for the rest of your life."

"I don't believe a little grasshopper like you," replied Rabbit. Suddenly the rabbit no longer could walk. He had to hop for the rest of his life.

Rabbit was lucky though because no other animals teased him. Every other animal that hopped knew how it felt so they didn't tease Rabbit.

That is why today rabbit's hop instead of walk.

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