Why the Frog Croaks

Come, my children, it is story time. Sit down, and I shall begin.

Many moons ago, in the Leni Lenape tribe, brother Frog had the most beautiful voice. Everyone admired brother Frog. Now, every year there was a singing contest and every year Frog had won. Brother Frog would boast about his abilities.I can't believe that I won last year. I guess I am just a perfect singer,Frog bragged.

Guess what, Frog?! exclaimed Owl.

What is it this time, Owl ? Frog shrugged.

I wanted you to be the first to know! I'm going to enter ...

Oh no,interrupted Frog.

I thought you would be happy,Owl whined sadly.

Oh I am, I am," Frog said sarcastically.

Now, what Owl said made Frog nervous, for he knew that Owl was a better singer than himself and if he wanted to win he would have to work hard. So, Frog went to the great spirits of the Leni Lenape tribe and asked to win the singing contest. They said yes. But, little did he know the great spirits played a trick on him and made him croak when he was nervous.

So on the day of the singing contest Owl and Frog were going to try to win the championship. That day brother Frog had this horrible cough that sounded just like a croak. When it was his turn to sing he started to croak. The croaking was a sign that he was nervous. The croaking happened frequently, except this time he was so nervous that the croaking went on and on. Brother Frog could not sing. Croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, croak, tried Frog.

Oho, Oho, Oho,Oho, Oho,Oho, Oho, Oho, Owl sang beautifully.

I HATE YOU, screamed Frog, too embarrassed to croak. So, of course Owl won.

The myth explains from generation to generation, that you shouldn't brag or boast about your abilities. Whenever you hear a frog croak, it reminds you of what could happen to you, just like Frog.

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