The Robin And The Seneca Sachem

The young Robin would always would go hunting for worms. He would swoop down, land right next to the worm, and the worm would quickly go right into the ground. He could never get the worm in the ground. He did this four times. He sat in silence for a while thinking of what he could do. Then he decided to go to one of the Seneca Sachem's for advice. The Robin flew over to the Sachem's longhouse.

May I come in? he respectfully said. The Sachem was a man of great power, so you must show respect.

Come in, he said. The Robin flew right in. What do you need? said the Sachem.

I can never catch a worm. Every time I swoop down to catch the worm it just goes right back into the ground. I keep doing this and I never get the worm, Robin said.

I have just what you are looking for," he said. The Sachem pulled out of his pouch a hollow,open-shaped twig. He placed it on the Robin's mouth. " With this you will be able to get the worm in the ground and grab the worm."
Wow,said the Robin.

Robin respectfully thanked the Sachem. The Robin never missed a worm again. And that is how bird's got their beaks.

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