Why The Crow Is Black


One day, as Pele the crow was walking along an old wooded trail, he stopped Wise One, the turtle, and asked him a useless question as he often did.
Wise One, do you think that my beautiful white feathers are shiny enough, or should I go wash them again?

Wise One replied, "Pele, your feathers are so shiny, that they are blinding me. Now, please go away so that I can see again. Pele walked off with a smile that almost reached his eyes. Of course, being Pele, he flew off to the pond and washed his feathers again and again.

Later that day, he met up with Green Jumper, the frog, who was peacefully sun bathing, and asked her a question.

Green Jumper, are my wonderful white feathers frizzing up?

Green Jumper answered, Pele, your feathers are not frizzing, but they are...

As I was saying, they are awfully white and bright!

Pele replied proudly, Why, thank you Green Jumper!

That night, Pele had a very peaceful rest, but he didn't know what the others were doing. You see, the other animals, including Great Growler the grizzly bear, were having a secret meeting about the crow. Soon, Green Jumper spoke.

Pele is very much getting on my nerves. He is always boasting about his beautiful feathers and asking us if they are shiny enough! How irritating.

Indeed," replied Great Wing, the falcon, "he is very rude when it comes to his feathers. I just wish there were a way to stop him.

They cawed, growled, and croaked all night. In the morning, they went back to their homes, but as tired as they were, they all kept a close watch for the crow. While Pele walked along that morning, he stopped at Great Growler's den. The bear was painting a picture of his best friend, the frog, with fresh blackberry juice. Soon Pele asked,

Without any hesitation, the bear took his blackberry juice and threw it all over the crow.

To this day, the crow is still a purplish black, and that is why.

Never be too proud or something bad is sure to happen.

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