Why Hawks Have Wings

Once a long time ago there was a hawk. He didn't have wings, and all of the other animals teased Hawk because he couldn't do a lot of things like the other animals could. He couldn't run fast like a cheetah, he couldn't burrow in the ground like a groundhog, and most of all he couldn't fly like a crow. That is what he wanted to do the most, to fly.

When Hawk tried to hunt with the wolves he made too much noise It scared all of the animals that the wolves were trying to hunt. None of the other animals liked Hawk.

All of the animals played a really mean trick on Hawk. They all went to another forest in the night.

When Hawk woke up he didn't see any animals.

He thought that was strange but Hawk usually gets up early so the other animals probably weren't up yet. But then when it got later, Hawk got a little scared.

He couldn't find any animals anywhere. He started looking around. He didn't see any sign of life.

Now he started calling for the other animals.When there wasn't any response, was really confused.

Hawk started crying. He sobbed very loudly. Then the earth started shaking.Then Hawk heard a voice. It shouted, why are you crying, Hawk?

Hawk said confused, who are you?

The voice replied, I am Mother Nature. Then Hawk told Mother Nature all of the problems that he was having with the animals.

I think that I might be able to help you, Mother Nature said. How Hawk asked?

I can give you something to make the other animals happy when you are around. What do you think will make the other animals like you? Mother Nature asked.

I have always wanted wings, Hawk begged.

Then that is what you shall have, Mother Nature said happily.

That's great! Hawk exclaimed!

He thanked Mother Nature a lot.Then he flew off to show all the other animals. When he got to the forest that all of the animals were in, Every single animal was proud of him.

The lesson is to not tease any animal or person. The hawk played with all the animals, and the animals were very happy when he was around.

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