A Little Boy Who Brought Good Luck

"Yes," replied young feller, "he is awful good to us. They feed us nice, we got good bed, you don have [to] get no food, no water."

The little dog said to young feller, "I know why this man is satisfied. I have him satisfied. I know where bear is. I can find a bear any time man wants one."

The man hears this and get up and get breakfast and didn't let on he hear dog and boy talking. After breakfast the little dog play round camp wagging tail at him. Man getting ready go hunting and told you feller, "Let me take your dog with me. Suppose he foller me?"

"Oh I guess so. I don't know."

Dog was jumping, barking like as if [he] was glad go hunting and when [man] got ready dog kept jumping in little ways, coming back barking like you see dogs when glad go hunting. When they got in woods, a little way back in woods, the little dog running ahead. Bimeby he jump one side, barking; man followed and found dog digging, and coming to big bear. Found bear. That was good luck; man well satisfied, and he was always lucky. Everybody wanted that little boy back but he didn't go back to any of them. The man raised that boy; he got them everything they wanted. This story was told by my father.

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