A Girl Is Lost

- Apache / Chiricahua -

Long ago, when they were moving, a girl was lost. Then they made camp. And they searched for this girl. They did not find her.

Then many of them trailed her. She had apparently gone to the plains where there are no trees. There [were] her tracks. There, where she had gone, she had apparently played about. In spite of that, they did not find her.

Then, she had apparently gone to a place where the ground was cracked open. And she played about there, it seems. From there, [the searchers] returned.

Then a shaman made a ceremony for her. Then this man spoke thus to them: "No one can bring her back." he said to them. And no one came back.

Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache Texts,1938, Harry Hoijer, principal author. Ethnological Notes by Morris Opler. Told by Duncan Belacho

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