Sits By The Door

- Blackfoot -

A Blackfoot tradition

A Blackfoot woman named Sits By The Door was captured in a crow raid and carried hundreds of miles to Crow country as a prisoner. She escaped with the help of a Crow woman, but nearly starved when she was still far from her people. She watched helplessly as a wolf came close by and lay down, probably waiting for her to die. She told her story to the wolf.

The next morning there was a freshly killed buffalo calf on the ground next to her. She ate and regained some of her strength, and resumed her journey. She still could barely walk, so the wolf walked next to her and supported part of her weight. They traveled together for days and the wolf continued to bring kills to her.

By the time she reached her people, she was as strong as before she left. She camped just outside the village because the wolf was still wild, but the camp dogs eventually ran it away.

The woman became sick and eventually died. It is said that the wolf would look for Sits By The Door from a nearby butte for many years after.

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