A Míkmaq Legend

- Mikmaq -

A long time ago, Kisúlkw the Great Spirit, who lived in the Happy Hunting Grounds created the universe and all life. The Wise One enjoyed his creation in the twinkling lights of thousands of stars, the sun and the many galaxies in the universe.

After creating the universe, Kisúlkw sat down to rest. Then he created Kluskap and gave him special spiritual and physical powers. He called Kluskap to share the sacred pipe and said, "Kluskap, I am going to create people in my own image. I will call them Míkmaq."

Kisúlkw was pleased with this creation. He took out his sacred pipe and again called Kluskap. As Kisúlkw was smoking he noticed a large amount of dark red clay left over. "Kluskap, look at this large piece of clay, the same color as my Míkmaq people. I will shape this clay into a crescent form and it will be the most beautiful of all places on Mother Earth. It will become the home of my Míkmaq people."

Kisúlkw fashioned an enchanting island and called it Menikuk. He dressed her dark red skin with green grass and lush forests of many different kinds of trees, and sprinkled her with many brightly colored flowers. Her forest floors were like deep soft carpets which would cushion the moccasined feet of the Míkmaq people.

Menikuk was so beautiful that it made Kisúlkw extremely happy - so happy that he thought about placing Menikuk among the stars. After considering this for a short time, the Wise One decided that Menikuk should be placed in the middle of the singing waters, now known as the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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