Crane Story

- Ojibwa -

A legend told by the Ojibwa from generation to generation goes like this.

The Great Spirit (Gchi-Manido) once made a bird and sent it down from the skies to make its abode on earth.

The bird came and when it reached halfway down among the clouds it sent forth a loud and far sounding cry. When the bird reached within sight of the earth, it circled choosing for a resting-place a hill overlooking Bowating, (or the rapids).

Pleased with the numerous whitefish that gleamed and swam in the clear waters and sparkling foam of the rapids, the bird sent forth its loud but solitary cry again. The bear clan, the catfish, loon, moose and martin all gathered at its call. A large town soon congregated and the bird (the Crane) that the Great Spirit sent presided over all.

From the Bay Mills Indian Community Gnoozhekaaning (Land of the Pike) is the,name given to the area by the local Ojibwa. Brimley, Michigan, (Upper Peninsula

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