Creation Story

- Huron -

The Great Ruler in the world above this world had a beautiful daughter whom he loved very dearly. Much to his sorrow, she became sick.Mp> The ruler sent for the medicine man but he was unable to cure her. He said,

"We will dig up the wild apple tree. We can pluck the medicine she needs from the roots of the tree.

" They took the young woman and let her lie under the shady branches of the tree while they dug. But as they dug, the dirt from around the roots gave way and allowed the tree to fall to the world below.

The branches caught the beautiful maiden and dragged her along with the tree. Then the rent earth above closed over them.

At this time the lower world was only water, the Great Water.

When two swans swimming about saw the earth fall from the sky, a great clap of thunder was sounded throughout the lower region, the First Thunder ever heard.

All the swimmers were startled! They looked up!

There they saw the beautiful maiden standing in the Heavens, clad in flames of bright light.

As she fell, the God of Thunder fell with her.

Two of the swans moved close together and caught her on their backs. They soon realized that they could not carry her on their backs forever.

They decided to call a meeting of the Great council. After much discussion, it was decided that they should get some of the soil that fell with the woman and place it upon the back of the Big Turtle and let the woman live there.

Many of the animals dived into the water for the soil only to meet with failure. Some were drowned and came to the surface.

Finally Toad volunteered to go down and see what success she could have.

She was gone a long time

The animals waited and waited.

Finally she returned with her mouth full of soil. Even though it was such a small amount, the Little Turtle urged that it be used.

He rubbed it carefully upon the shell of the Big Turtle.

Slowly they watched it grow, bigger and bigger and bigger until it became the Great Island, North America.

Here the Woman-Who-Fell-rFom-Heaven lived.

Since that time the Toad has been held in high esteem by the Wyandotte People and none of them would harm her to this day.

They call her by the Wyandotte name that means Our Grandmother" - Mah-shoos-tah-ah.

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