Gluscabi And The Flying Bird

Gluscabi was out hunting for deer. He specifically wanted deer because Grandmother Woodchuck was making him new moccasins out of deer skin leather. He knew that he wouldn't have much luck because all the animals knew when he was coming and hid from him.

Soon, he came to a spot where four paths met. He took the north path and came upon a stream. He crossed the stream without making any noise.

After walking a bit farther he came upon his grandmother's house. He saw that there was a stick across the door (which meant that his grandmother was working and didn't want to be disturbed) so he went to his favorite thinking spot. It was very small indeed, cozy, but big enough for Gluscabi. It was near a willow tree, where the branches hung over. If you pushed apart the branches, you could walk in to a bright cave-like place with sunlight pouring through the open branches above you.

Gluscabi crawled in, sat quietly and began to think. He thought out loud not realizing that a squirrel was sitting nearby. "I wonder", he said, "how the early people of our tribe lived in these beautiful woodlands called New England by the settlers. Was it just like us? I also wonder why the settlers brought disease and sickness with them! It's amazing how the Abenaki numbered as many as 40,000 before there was contact with those settlers!" This made him sad.

Right after he crawled back out, he saw something bright and
colorful speed across the sky! Then it was gone. With newfound excitement Gluscabi ran home. The stick was gone from the door so he went in.

"Grandmother Woodchuck," he said, "Why don't we have wings and what just sped across the sky?"

"Well, we don't have wings because Tabaldack didn't want
us to. And, in answer to your other question, it was the great
Flying Bird Tachi."

"Thank you Grandmother!" and with that he was out the
door. He found the tree that Tachi was sitting in.

"Tachi" he said, "Will you please give me wings?"

"OK", Tachi said, "you can borrow mine, but you must return them once you have finished with them." Tachi attached the wings to Gluscabi's back. Gluscabi flew off. He didn't get very far when his wings began to fail.

Soon he was falling because the wings could not hold his weight. He crashed on the ground and broke the wings. He brought them back to Grandmother Woodchuck's house with him.

"Grandmother", he said, "I borrowed these wings from Tachi but they didn't work well for me. Why can't humans fly with wings?"

"Humans cannot have wings", said Grandmother Woodchuck, "because they will use them incorrectly and not use them as Tabaldack intended. Gluscabi, be grateful for who you are, what you have, and don't ask for more."

" I hear you, Grandmother," Gluscabi said. "And I will always remember!"

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