How Beaver Had His Tail Flattened

Beaver really loved his tail and he often was saying I have the best tail. It is the most beautiful tail ever. Even though his tail was beautiful, because of his bragging, the other animals and people didn't like him very much. His tail was very big and furry. His tail was always held up high so that everyone could admire it.

Beaver was mostly out in the woods gnawing at trees so that he could make his dam. One day Beaver was in the woods collecting wood for his dam.

Four Abino boys were also in the woods and they were cutting down dead trees for their fires. The four boys saw Beaver and right away three of them thought that they should have some fun.

They wanted to knock a tree down on the Beaver to get back at him, but one said to leave Beaver alone. The three boys totally ignored the one boy and started chopping down the tree.

When the tree fell, it landed right on Beaver's tail. Beaver said, "That hurts like a thousand stubbed toes at once."

>Beaver's tail was smashed really badly and it was not beautiful like it was before. It was flat!

When the three boys saw what they had done, they started to cry.

"We are so sorry Beaver," they said. All four boys ran all the way home crying.

That is why Beaver's tail is flat. But don't worry, beavers have found a great use for the tail. They can use their tails to pat down the mud that they put on their dams. "My tail helps me build my dam," Beaver said.

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