An Indian warrior is a person whose Spirit is one with the Creator...whose heart belongs to the People....whose life is a sacred gift given by the Ancestors....whose mind is the greatest weapon and shield in life's battles.

The foremost responsibility of an Indian warrior is to be true to one's self...to the People...and to the Creator. The purpose in life is to ensure the survival and well being of The People. An Indian Warrior transforms knowledge into wisdom and therefore understands that the greatest enemy in life is one's self. He must overcome weaknesses.

A true Warrior will sacrifice His/Her Heart upon the altar of life for the survival of the People. He may be wounded or killed a thousand times in battle, but the spirit cannot be destroyed for the spirit of a true warrior is eternal as the stars.

An Indian Warrior lives by a code of honor...beyond the reach of most mortals. An Indian Warrior speaks directly to the Creator and Mother Earth thru sacred prayer and ceremony, giving offerings of gratitude and respect. A true Indian Warrior is Proud...yet humble, with a heart full of love for the People.

The path of an Indian warrior is the most difficult path of all for He will know pain and suffering in ways no one else ever can. The pain of life's injustices will be absorbed into the whole of their being. He may be captured...imprisoned...and taken away from the People, but the Spirit lives in the hearts of The People....for He is one of The People and will always be loved an respected by the People...Unconditionally.

He will be forgiven mistakes by the Spirits and the Holy People because He has forgiven the self and humbled oneself before the People.

He will go to the mountaintop without food or water to pray to the Spirits of the land and cry for a vision. This sacred vision will lead thru the darkest hours of life. It shall lead to the light of the Creator. An Indian warrior must always believe in Him/ Herself...in the Spirit helpers..and in the Indian Way of Life.

He must always speak and live the truth of who...and what... he is when standing before the eyes of the Creator. An Indian Warrior is not afraid of Death...and shall NEVER surrender to the Dark Forces of Life which attempt to break the Spirit...for the Spirit cannot be broken...the mind cannot be defeated..

The vision of life is that of the Eagle...with clarity and purpose in being. The wings are strong and carry the spirit to the highest levels of self-understanding and spiritual growth as a human being.

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